Trade & Personal Loans


¨    Trade Loans

Trade Loans are specially designed to improve financial position of Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) to strengthen their ability to carry out trading or other commercial viable activities. This loans provides the very much needed funds to purchase goods and equipment needed to boost business.

¨    Personal Loans

Personal Loans are designed and structured to enable workers to access loans for their personal needs: 

¨    Import Clearing Loans

This loan provides speedy funds to importers to facilitate timely clearing of goods from the ports. It ensures that goods are cleared from the ports on time.

¨       Excel Loans

To provide quick reliable loans to salaried workers of reputable financial institutions

¨       Adamfo Pa

In collaboration with NTHC/SSNIT Informal Sector Fund (SISF) to provide loans to contributors of the pension fund for their personal or business needs

- Benefits

  • SPEED- Your loan is ready in three days or less.
  • PERSONAL LOANS MAY be collateral free!
  • Provides the very much needed funds to purchase goods and equipement needed to boost business as well as assist in meeting personal needs.
  • Ensure goods are cleared from ports on time.
  • Flexible repayment options.